Journaling to Communicate:

  • Capturing very young children’s thoughts and pictures to create strong writers and readers
  • Encouraging adolescents to record their thoughts through journaling
  • Maintaining open communication, support and understanding through shared journaling

Personalized Business Services:

• Brainstorming what your business needs now
• Every service is totally unique to you, the client
• Launching new products
• Promoting your story in your voice
• Expanding your brand as an expert in your field through speaking, publication and multimedia
• Providing business writing, presentations, and pitches to your specifications

Workshops delivered for your group, in person, webinar or online conferencing:

• For Travelers: Enjoy Volunteer and Immersion Travel Around the World!
• For Travelers: How to Make Every Trip Immersion Travel
• For Writers: The Joys of Ghost Writing
• For Writers: What You Need to Know to Write Children’s Books
• For Researchers and Specialists: How to Create Needed Content for Corporations and Websites
• For Those Who Want to be Published: Self-Publishing vs. Agents vs. Mainstream Publishers

Contact Sheryl for more information at: [email protected]