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To Graze or Not to Graze?


I tried it but was not very good at it. Grazing means eating a bit here and there as the mood strikes and needs to be done in handfuls of reasonable amount of calories. If the grazed calories amount to more than your usual caloric intake, it’s called over-eating. Growing up, exposed to a wide array ...

El Sándwich Cubano


Upon moving from Richmond, Virginia to a retirement home in Florida, Izzy didn’t talk much about his new lifestyle or the weather, but he raved, “The Cuban Sandwich is so great I cannot go a day without one.” I had to explore this delicacy myself. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that it ...

Sweets for the Sweet


This morning I was a guest speaker for a social service organization. I’d been asked to talk about “How Not to Gain Weight” while traveling. As people arrived, one particular woman hovered around me, reminding me of a helicopter parent waiting for me to do something very bad. I decided to be proactive and asked ...