Take a Vacation: Experience Outer Space Camp for Adults


Outer Space Camp for Adults

Outer Space Camp for Adults. Exciting words, full of possibilities. I read that 35% of American workers with paid vacation time do not take it. That made me sad. Vacation time is the opportunity to experience something new and wonderful, like outer space camp, along with the possibility of becoming an astronaut. Growing up, I always wanted to go to camp, but that was a luxury beyond my family’s budget. Now we all have a second chance to attend camp for grownups who want to experience outer space. Did you ever want to become an astronaut? This is your opportunity to learn what venturing into outer space is all about.

With the newest technologies available, along with new businesses literally flying people into outer space for a small fortune, flying to the moon is possible with the next stop being Mars. Perhaps one day it will become as easy to fly to the moon or Mars as it is today to take a scheduled flight for an affordable price.Outer Space Camp for Adults

In the meantime, if you are anything like me and would love a real astronaut-like experience, and great immersion travel experience, there’s Adult Astronaut Adventure camp, for about $300 tuition for three days including meals (accommodations are not included but there are packages available). Fly Me to the Moon has always been one of my favorite songs. How about you?

The Cosmosphere and Space Center offers a wide variety of programming for adults, including seniors, and children of all ages. There is stargazing on a starry, starry night or inside the Justice Planetarium. Yes, Dorothy, it is in Hutchinson, Kansas. The program includes educational briefings, rocket building, a tour of the Hall of Space Museum, and training on flight simulators. Fly the T-38 Advanced Flight Simulator, plan a lunar rover mission, and fly to the moon. It is definitely worth a trip to Kansas.

Make time to explore something new, close to home, or up above amongst the stars. For further information: Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, 1100 North Plum, Hutchinson, KS 67501; 1-800-397-0330; 620-662-2305; www.cosmo.org/campslaurieg@cosmo.org.

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  • Lenore
    July 18, 2018

    This is so tempting. Thanks.

    • Sheryl Kayne
      March 30, 2019

      Yes, it is quite fantastic!