My Friend Visited Deadwood, South Dakota and Gave Me a Badge!


Do you love getting gifts? Me too. I get such a super joyful kick over receiving an unexpected treat, it’s amazing! One of my best friends always brings me something back from her vacations. Isn’t that nice? I love it. She and her husband took a trip enjoying a number of different National Parks out west, all in the United States. What was super nice for me was that I had been to every place they were going!! She gifted me with the star there on the left that says “Deadwood Deputy: Deadwood Alive: Bringing the Old West Alive!” That’s something I hadn’t experienced or even heard of before. What about you? When I Googled Deadwood Deputy, a photo of Seth Bullock, U.S. Marshal, lived 1849 – 1919, came up in Deadwood, South Dakota. They have daily tours and performances of how life was once lived in Deadwood. I’ll have to catch that on my next trip west.


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