I don’t eat candy, but

I am not a candy eater. I do like ice cream, so if I am going to splurge with sugar, chances are it will be Ben & Jerry’s Cherry🍒 Garcia or Haagen-Dazs Cookies & Cream or Swiss Vanilla Almond or maybe the Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond snack size ice cream bars. It’s a very big decision. Actually I did not buy the M&Ms you see here.  May be an image of indoor
They were a gift from someone very close to me who does not know my history of compulsive over eating of chocolate until it is ALL gone and my promise to never, ever buy it for myself because I eat it all up and am then forced to replace it since it was part of a beautiful gift – everything else in that gift bag is still intact, whole, and in place. So I am on my way to the store to replace the M&Ms so that when the person who gave me the beautiful gift will know every detail is in place forever, kind of, almost like I received it. Do you separate yours into colors and eat up the ones you least like first? Green are my least fave, then yellow, which is really funny since I never wear green or yellow because with my complexion, I kinda turn green. Next to be consumed are the orange, then red, then brown for last and best. It’s quite an ordeal, I agree; however, it is definitely worth another trip to the store to restock.