Connecting with the Right Writer’s Support Group


Sheryl KayneIt’s been quite a few years since I was part of an active writer’s support group. The few I belonged to all operated in the same way. Participants came prepared to read two or three pages of work in progress to receive feedback from the other writers and then, in turn, provided insight to them on their work. Times have apparently changed, which I discovered quite by accident. Now writers have a variety of options. Many operate differently from each other and I’ll be writing about a few of them in upcoming blogs.

When I first attended this particular group’s meeting I was disappointed because I really needed feedback on a novel. I’d spent the entire morning preparing a few pages to read and then realized that the leader had planned a presentation.

Had I read The Writer’s Group online description “as a space for people who love words to gather and create new work,” I would have attended the first meeting ready to try something new. “The mission is to use prompts and other creative tools to motivate the creative process. It also creates a space for us to share and get a reaction from other writers who can advise one another on how to enhance the poems and or stories we create”

The group meets twice a month and there’s no need to bring what you are writing or come prepared in any way. People don’t talk about current projects or writing goals; however, everyone who chooses to can share personal responses to the prompts. After some careful reflection, I realized there were many benefits to the exercises and the group. The leader plans very interesting readings and presentations from performance artists’ and writers’ stories, poems, music and videos, materials I never would have found on my own. Each time I participate, my writing flows more easily and freely. In looking for one particular kind of writer’s support group, I found another, equally as helpful.