“Thank you! I had no idea I could write so well.”

I know I’ve done my job when I deliver a ghostwritten manuscript and my client responds, “Thank you! I had no idea I could write so well.”

I love writing books for and with others.  Fortunately my diverse background in education, business, physical and mental health, nutrition and travel, I have written about health, fitness and dieting, humor, technical writing, public speaking, child development, business, accounting, storytelling, beauty, oncology, birth and death, carbon caps, feng shui, financial planning, inspirational and how-to.

I’ve worked with people ages five to ninety-nine, including CEOs who do not have the time to write their own books, individuals who want to establish themselves as authorities in their fields and as public speakers, and seniors to preserve their personal history, among others.  Jim entertained the guests at his 100th birthday party with his stories about his life.  His children realized it was time to have them all written down. Together, Jim and I wrote All That I’ve Done.  Unfortunately, he died right before his 101st birthday. His eldest son gave the eulogy, using Jim’s own words quoted directly from All That I’ve Done:  “I was into everything you could get into. I wouldn’t mind if I had the chance to go back to where I started and do it all over again, because there was nothing I ever did that I didn’t like.”

Do you have a book in you? Whether you’ve started or simply have a dream, together we will write it down.  Contact Sheryl at [email protected]

Sheryl was a guest speaker on How to Become a Ghost and Make an Excellent Living Writing Other People’s Books at the annual ASJA Writer’s Conference in New York City.